Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury
A Workplace injury is still common in the modern workplace with claims still being made every day due to employer negligence. It wasn’t that many years ago that the issue of workplace injuries was something unheard off due to the option available to the employee. Staffs where made to just get on with the job through the fear of being fired or treated unfairly.

With the introduction of the HSE along with legal agreements such as No Win No Fee employees now have many options available to them. They can now have financial support provided or compensation to help them with their loss of earnings, allowing them to still maintain a basic lifestyle.
As stated before workplace injuries and accidents are still fairly common and it is often due to insufficient health and safety procedures and protection that these accidents happen.

Below is a list of a workplace injury that are common in most workplaces.

Injuries are not always from one accident they can develop over time and in certain circumstances can even become more serious years after work. An example can be seen relating to dermatitis. If the personal protective equipment (PPE) isn’t provided to the employee and they are exposed to a chemical such as bleach it is not always an instantaneous injury. It is more common for symptoms of the injury to arise later that day or even weeks later depending on the exposure to the substance.

If you have suffered a workplace injury at work we advise you to approach your senior and inform them. This gives them the opportunity to make changes or offer you time to recover from the workplace injury. This also helps because if your workplace injury isn’t acknowledged by you employer it means if you do decide to make a claim there is evidence of your injury.

At Roberts Jackson Solicitors we understand that making a claim for an injury can seem a daunting task but we assure you that we will make the process as easy and comfortable for you and we will do all the hard work allowing you to focus on your own circumstances. We are also extremely confidential with our procedures as we understand that we are dealing with people’s health issues. If you want to make a claim for a workplace injury or you would just like advice on the best approach please contact us on our free phone number 0808 231 8234. You can also fill in the form on the right of this page and we will call you back within 24 hours.