Steel Industry

Steel Industry
Steel Industry
Steel Industry

Worked in the Steel Industry?

If you have worked in the steel industry and experience minor hearing loss, arm numbness, back pain or breathing difficulties then you may have a claim for a work related condition.

  • Have you worked in the steel industry or metal production/welding?
  • Do you suffer from minor hearing loss?
  • Do you suffer with aches or pain in your elbows, arms or back?
  • Do you suffer with breathing difficulties?
  • You may be eligible to make a claim.

Steel work can differ with the types of environments and machinery that the individual is surrounded with. Please see the following for types of machinery or equipment that could affect you.

  • Excessively Noisy Environment
  • Rolling Mills
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Casting and Turbine areas
  • Dust and Fumes from the manufacturing process
  • All types of welding (Mig, Tig, Arc etc.)

If you believe that you have any of the above symptoms as a result of working in the steel industry, submit your details using the form on the right. We will be in touch shortly to provide you with free legal advice on the options available to you.