White Finger Disease Symptoms and Claims

White Finger Disease Symptoms and Claims
White Finger Disease Symptoms and Claims
White Finger Disease Symptoms and Claims
Vibration white finger, also known as ‘white finger disease’, is a common workplace hazard for people exposed to vibration during their job.

The disease is a recognised industrial injury and can occur in a number of professions, particularly those where hand-held percussive or vibration tools are used. When conditions are cold, it is considered that the risk of developing white finger disease increases.

Have I developed white finger disease?

Vibration white finger has a number of distinct symptoms. If you believe that you have the disease as a result of your working conditions, look out for:

  • Fingers going white and blue, or just white
  • Hands becoming clumsier in cold weather
  • Pain accompanied by a tingling feeling or a loss of sensation
  • Lack of strength in the fingers and limited movement

These symptoms occur as the blood supply becomes interrupted by the cold or even spontaneously, which leads to blood vessels in the hand constricting, which affects the hands, thumbs and fingers.

Can I claim compensation?

Employers are responsible for protecting the health and safety of their employees. If they don’t put relevant safety measures in place to protect workers exposed to vibration, and you develop white finger disease, you may be entitled to compensation.

Roberts Jackson solicitors can provide you with expert legal assistance when pursuing a claim against a neglectful employer. With specialist skills and knowledge in this niche area, we are able to successfully settle claims so that you are fully compensated for any unnecessary medical and financial setbacks caused by your negligent employer.

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