Vibration White Finger Symptoms

Vibration White Finger Symptoms
Vibration White Finger Symptoms
Vibration White Finger Symptoms
Do you suffer from numb fingers, bone cysts or tingling and numb hands?

If so, read our vibration white finger symptoms guide for further information on the industrial disease, where we look closely at the warning signs and causes of VWF.

What are the Vibration White Finger symptoms?

Vibration white finger symptoms can start to appear months or years after using vibratory machinery or tools as the small, repetitive movements tend to damage the nerves over time. The warning signs of VWF include:

Tingling Hands

When the hands are subject to vibration, this can promote the narrowing of the blood vessels and also harm the cell walls and nerves. A symptom of this damage is often tingling hands, which can vary from a slight sting in the fingertips to a harsher sensation where the entire fingers tingle and turn white.

Numb Fingers

Damage to nerves and cell walls often results in numb fingers or fingertips, which can be uncomfortable and interrupt sleep. This injury can also result in certain sensory deficits, where you are unable to distinguish different textures and temperatures. You may also suffer from weak muscles and dexterity, accompanied by a lack of grip strength.

Bone Cysts

The disruption to the working of cells can lead to the development of a fluid filled hole inside the bone. These bone cysts commonly appear on the fingers and wrists, and will typically be swollen in appearance. It is important to visit a GP when bone cysts appear, as they can result in damage to the bone and leave you at risk of fractures.

What Has Caused Your VWF?

Vibration white finger symptoms will typically occur as a result of using vibratory tools or machinery at work without the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Your employer should have safety measures in place to reduce and control potential risks to your health. However, if your employer has not introduced sufficient policies and you have signs of vibration white finger, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Roberts Jackson solicitors can offer specialist legal advice on claiming for vibration white finger, so give us a call on 0800 001 4496 to find out more.