Top Ten Tips for Back Pain Relief

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Top Ten Tips for Back Pain Relief
Top Ten Tips for Back Pain Relief
Roberts Jackson has put together the top ten tips for back pain relief to help sufferers whether by work or non work related circumstances. Back pain has many different symptoms and pain that can vary from person to person.  There are three causes of back pain that can be related back to an individual’s working environment.

  1. Repetition- if an individual is constantly repeating the same task over and over, for example lifting, this can cause back pain.
  2. Posture- if an individual does not adopt the correct posture whilst working, this can lead to pain due to strains on the back.
  3. Isolated accident- this can be any form of accident, for example falling, slipping or lifting that leads to back pain.

Tips for Back Pain Relief

To assist people who suffer from back pain, we have listed our top tips for back pain relief in order to alleviate symptoms as well as the treatment options available.

1)      Maintain good posture – Always make sure you are standing or sitting properly. If you sit down for long periods of time at work, it is advisable to use a back support if you are suffering from back pain.
2)      Exercise – Proper exercise not only loosens muscles and joints in the back, allowing more freedom, it also allows you to gain muscle which strengthens the back.
3)      Pick a good mattress– Many people are unaware that a poor quality mattress can lead to back pain. With so much of our time spent on a mattress, it is advisable that you replace it regularly.
4)      Visit your GP– Your GP can give you a proper diagnosis together with suitable medication. They will also try to identify the root cause, which will prevent any further problems or aggravation.
5)      Medication– If you are suffering from minor back pain, there are several over the counter pain medications you can take to alleviate pain and symptoms. Ice packs can also be effective after stretching or exercise.
6)      Lose excess weight– You can calculate whether or not you are a healthy weight for your height using a BMI calculator. Excess weight can lead to back problems due to strains.
7)      Lifting/Carrying- You should always lift properly and with proper technique. Bend at your knees, use your leg muscles and always keep the weight close to your body. This can prevent any further injury.
8)      Quit Smoking– No matter what the condition is, smoking can lead to back pain. Nicotine shrinks the blood vessels, meaning certain blood vessels cannot transport blood to soft tissue in the back.
9)      Non-medical techniques– There are other options apart from medication, such as massage or yoga, both of which can help with muscle pain surrounding the joints. In certain circumstances a chiropractor may assist by making adjustments, although we advise enquiring with your GP about this technique first.
10)   Avoid Twisting– Twisting your body should always be done with care, especially when lifting heavy objects.

These tips are just simple ways that can help manage and treat your back pain. Roberts Jackson Solicitors specialise in obtaining compensation for people who have suffered a back injury through work.  This compensation can help sufferers make changes to their living environments or lifestyle that can ease their back pain. These our only our top tips for back pain relief and there may be many other ways to reduce back pain with lots of resources to research online.

If you would like to seek advice from one of our specialist advisors or to enquire about your eligibility for compensation for work related back pain, get in touch by filling in the enquiry box on the right of the page.

*Please note- the information on this page does not constitute medical advice.