Steps for Tingling Hands Sufferers to Follow

Steps for Tingling Hands Sufferers to Follow
Steps for Tingling Hands Sufferers to Follow
Steps for Tingling Hands Sufferers to Follow
Tingling hands can have a serious impact on your life and leisure, leaving you in great discomfort and unable to perform the tasks you were once capable of.

Roberts Jackson believes that people with tingling hands should be able to do something to remedy the situation. If you suffer from the hand-related condition, our solicitors can offer legal advice on the steps you should follow accompanied by a comprehensive level of support, giving you a real opportunity to live comfortably once again.

Find out if your tingling hands are a VWF symptom

Tingling hands can be a symptom of a number of health problems, including vibration white finger (which is also known as white finger disease). To find out more about the exact cause of your health issue, answer the following questions:

  • Do you work with vibratory machinery?
  • Do you have access to personal protection equipment when using such tools?
  • Do you suffer from other VWF symptoms, such as numb fingers that turn white or red in colour?
  • Do you hands start to tingle in cold weather or even spontaneously?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, you may have developed vibration white finger as a result of your employment or working environment.

What to do if you have vibration white finger

If you believe that your tingling hands are a symptom of vibration white finger, we recommend that you inform your employer. Raising this concern will give them an opportunity to adequately risk assess your work environment and put additional safety measures in place to prevent your VWF symptoms from becoming worse or even permanent.

You should then make an appointment with your GP to get an official diagnosis and gain access to the medical treatment you need. They will also be able to offer you advice on how to protect your health in the future, which can prevent your tingling hands from reoccurring or worsening overtime.

Pursue a claim for compensation

If your tingling hands continue or worsen – and your employer fails to take steps to reduce or put a stop to your vibration white finger symptoms – you may be entitled to pursue a compensation claim.

Our solicitors can manage the claim on your behalf, building your case and negotiating your settlement with the responsible party to make sure that you are awarded the compensation you rightfully deserve for any health and financial setbacks suffered.

If you believe that you have vibration white finger and would like to pursue a compensation claim, get in contact with Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496 to find out more about our claims process.