RSI Claim and Compensation

RSI Claim and Compensation
RSI Claim and Compensation
RSI Claim and Compensation
Are you suffering from a work-related repetitive strain injury? You may be entitled to make an RSI claim for any pain and suffering, medical treatment, and financial setbacks that you have undergone or may go through in the future.

As pursuing an RSI claim can be a particularly complex legal process, it is important to seek advice from a specialist law firm. Roberts Jackson solicitors are experienced in handling claims for people with industrial injuries and work-related conditions, so will be able to expertly manage your claim and secure you the level of compensation that you deserve.

Is your employer responsible?

A work-related repetitive strain injury is typically caused by the repeated movement or overuse of an upper limb.

As an RSI sufferer, you can make an RSI claim for compensation if:

  • Your employer knew or should have known that you were at risk of an RSI
  • Your employer failed to implement measures to prevent you from sustaining an RSI
  • Your repetitive strain injury was caused by work you performed as part of your contract of employment

Your employer has a duty of care and is legally required to protect your health and safety at work. If they have failed to prevent you from sustaining a repetitive strain injury – even after you informed them of your RSI symptoms – and an obvious risk has been present, they can be held responsible for any damage caused.

Proving your employer is to blame

Proving that your RSI has been caused or worsened because of your job can be difficult, as people can also sustain similar injuries through activities such as computer use, sports and texting.

If you believe that your repetitive strain injury is work related, you should document your symptoms straightaway and visit a GP. They will be able to diagnose your condition and provide you with the medical treatment you require. Their medical records can also help to strengthen your repetitive strain injury claim as they often confirm the relationship between your work and your condition.

Our claims process

If it is found that your employer is responsible for your repetitive strain injury, Roberts Jackson can pursue a claim for compensation against the liable party, so long as it is in your best interests.

Our legal team will look after the entire claims process, from building a watertight case to negotiating your settlement with the employer at fault. Throughout proceedings, our team will also update you on any developments, so that you are fully informed and up-to-date with any progress.

We will also work hard to secure you the maximum level of compensation you need within the minimum possible amount of time, allowing you to gain access to all the support you need to recover from the injury and get your life back on track.

Contact us for a free initial consultation

If you are suffering from a repetitive strain injury and would like to find out more about claiming for compensation with us, contact Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496.

Once we have a full understanding of your situation, we will be able to offer advice on the options available to you and provide further information on our claims process.

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