Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing Loss Symptoms
Hearing Loss Symptoms
Hearing Loss Symptoms

Do you suffer from Hearing Loss symptoms?

If you have ever worked in a noisy environment and now have muffled hearing, ringing ears or suffer from temporary hearing loss, you may have Industrial Deafness or Noise Induced Hearing Loss as a result of your working conditions. Do you suffer from the following hearing loss symptoms?

  • Do you have trouble hearing certain words or phrases?
  • Are conversations muffled and difficult to hear?
  • Is your TV and radio volume past an acceptable level?
  • Do you struggle to hear in a loud environment?
  • Can you hear ringing or buzzing in one or both ears?

Employees can often get hearing problems due to frequent exposure to loud noises without access to the correct safety precautions at work.
The symptoms of work related hearing loss do not become apparent until later in life when most people then put the loss down to old age.

We look into all different severities of hearing loss from work even if the noise exposure took place 50 years ago. From minor issues to complete deafness, if you have worked in a noisy environment then you may be eligible to claim.

If you have worked in a Noisy Environment but the business has now gone or is not trading any more don’t worry! We can still retrieve your compensation by locating your ex employers insurance provider.

We offer a No Win No Fee service to all our clients meaning you have the peace of mind that you will not have to pay anything on a failed case.

If you think that you have Noise Induced Hearing Loss as a result of your employment, use the form on the right to submit your details. We will get in contact shortly after with free legal advice on the support and guidance available to you.

Don’t believe us? Here is what some of our recent clients have said about our service:

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Mr Graham won £4,500

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