Have you worked as a hairdresser?

If you work – or have previously worked – as a hairdresser and suffer from itchy skin that is cracked, red and scaly in appearance, you may have occupational dermatitis. This condition is often caused by working with water and products containing chemicals without gloves. It may also be possible to bring a claim if you suffer from eczema and your symptoms have been made worse by your job role.

Another common issue among hair stylists and beauty therapists can be occupational asthma. Breathing in fumes from products such as hairspray and hair dyes can increase someone’s chances of developing asthma or even make the condition worse if you already have it.

For both these conditions (asthma and dermatitis), it may be possible to make a claim for compensation if they have been caused or made worse by your job. It may be worth reading through the following questions to determine whether or not your occupation is the cause:

  • Have you worked with shampoos, conditioners, colouring and bleaching agents?
  • Have you got cracked skin, redness and lesions on your hands or arms?
  • Do you suffer from shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing whilst at work?
  • Do your symptoms improve whilst you are away from work (annual leave or weekends)?
  • Have you been provided with any protective equipment such as breathing masks or gloves?

If you do work with chemicals or other hazardous substances and have answered yes to any of the questions above we would urge you to get in touch and speak to one of our advisers for free legal advice. Even if you are not looking to make a claim we can point you in the right direction and advise you on the legal requirements of your employer.

If you would like to see if you are eligible for compensation for either asthma, dermatitis or any other condition you believe has been caused by work, please get in touch today by filling in the claim form on the right hand side, starting a live chat with one of our advisers or using our free phone number 0800 001 4496.