Occupational Asthma Compensation

Occupational Asthma Compensation
Occupational Asthma Compensation
Occupational Asthma Compensation
If your breathing condition has been caused or worsened by your job or workplace, you may be entitled to receive occupational asthma compensation.

Contact Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496 for an initial consultation with us. If you are entitled to pursue a claim, our expert solicitors will handle your case from start to finish, making sure that you are fully compensated for the impact the breathing condition has had on your health and wellbeing.

Am I entitled to compensation?

You can claim for occupational asthma compensation if your employer is responsible for causing or worsening your breathing condition.

Your employer has a legal duty to protect your health and safety while at work. If your job or working environment leaves you at risk of occupational asthma or other breathing problems, policies and procedures should be in place to prevent you from suffering from such respiratory health issues.

If your employer has failed to implement the necessary health and safety measures – even after you have informed them of your symptoms – you can pursue a claim for compensation against them.

What compensation will I receive?

Compensatory awards can differ from person-to-person. The amount you receive will depend entirely on your personal circumstances, with such factors as the severity of your symptoms, the disability caused and the likelihood of your asthma worsening over time taken into consideration.

When calculating your compensation, our solicitor will look at the following:

  • Loss of salary and pension
  • Earning capacity
  • Specialist care required
  • Medical expenses
  • Special equipment

We will make sure that you are fully compensated for any pain and suffering, financial setbacks and medical treatment you have dealt with in the past, while taking care to obtain you the financial support you need to make your future with occupational asthma as comfortable as possible.

Some occupational asthma sufferers are also entitled to claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit through The Department for Work & Pensions. Roberts Jackson can help you to determine whether or not you are entitled to the benefit and also guide you throughout the submission process to make sure you receive the support you thoroughly deserve.

Occupational asthma compensation time limits

If you are going to pursue an occupational asthma compensation claim, it is important to remember that you have a three year time limit in which to bring your case.

This will usually start from the date you were last exposed to the substance or environment that caused the development of occupational asthma, or the date you recognised that your breathing condition was caused by your work. Once Roberts Jackson has made the decision to manage your claim, a dedicated legal specialist will work hard to secure you the best payout as quickly as possible.

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