Roberts Jackson Raises Over £1,500 for Charity

Roberts Jackson Raises Over £1,500 for Charity

Earlier this year Roberts Jackson was informed that the MINGA, a long standing charity that supports children living with HIV in Africa, was to lose its government grant. This form of funding was crucial for the charity to provide children with a chance to live a full and normal life despite being born into very poor circumstances.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors has always aimed to support the MINGA as best we could and have held countless fundraising events in recent years. For this reason, we were heartbroken to learn of the news that the charity was to lose its funding and decided to throw our biggest fundraising event yet.

Last week, the firm pulled together and put on two separate fundraisers that included a bake sale and very enticing charity raffle. The raffle prizes were well thought out and included things such as  an extra days annual leave, tons of shopping vouchers, hampers and a chance to stay in a 5* star hotel after the office Christmas party. The raffle alone raised over £1,000 as staff from all departments dug deep and bought tickets for a great cause.

The bake sale, appropriately named “The Great RJ Bake Off”, was also a huge success raising close to £500. Nutella cheesecake, Oreo cupcakes, slow-cooked Brownies baked on site and Halloween themed cakes were the order of the day with every member of staff involved, either baking or buying to raise even more money for MINGA. To date this is one of the most successful bake sales RJ has held and it came at the perfect time as MINGA recently lost their funding.

Executive Director and chief baker Gladys Swaim-Rutter, who ran the event was overwhelmed by the success of both fundraising activities and has said the following,

“The success of the bake sale has come at just the right time with MINGA losing its government funding earlier this year. Every donation sent to MINGA is returned with receipts and a report detailing how the donations were used.  The funds are spent on basics such as beans, brown sugar, soya peas and blankets. I want to thank all of the companies whom donated to the raffle, resident bakers whom contributed to the bake sale, and all the staff at RJ who contributed part of their hard earned salaries to a worthy cause.”

The total amount of money raised reached £1,507 and will be donated to MINGA. Roberts Jackson would like to thank all staff that were involved with the organising of the events as well as all staff who generously donated.