Francis Report Update

Francis Report Update

Hot on the heels of the Francis Report, the Quality Care Commission has issued warnings to 12 NHS Hospitals that they must devote more time to ensuring that patients are properly fed. The QCC  found evidence of patients struggling to eat including problems such as not being given the assistance that they need, food being taken away before it was finished and being interrupted during meals.

The institutions that failed to meet the CQC’s standards are: Newham General Hospital, Bedford Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn; Milton Keynes Hospital; Alderney Hospital; Queen’s Hospital Romford; Chesterfield Royal Hospital; Broomfield Hospital;  the Royal Lancaster Infirmary;  North Manchester General Hospital, Lincoln County Hospital, and Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

On average the Department of Health statistics show that £8.54 is spent per patient on food in Hospital. Shockingly, some Trusts commit only £2.57 per person per day with others spending less than £5 a day. This combined with the lack of assistance must mean that some patients are going home in a state of malnutrition. Elderly patients seem to be most at risk, unable to ensure that they can physically take in their paltry share.

Whilst some Trusts question the methods used to collect this information, this is undoubtedly another NHS-related scandal which will not go away.

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