How Do I Make a Claim If I Have Become Ill or Injured Through Work?

How Do I Make a Claim If I Have Become Ill or Injured Through Work?
How Do I Make a Claim If I Have Become Ill or Injured Through Work?

How Do I Make a Claim If I Have Become Ill or Injured Through Work?

How Do I Make a Claim If I Have Become Ill or Injured Through Work?
Many people are unsure about how the claim process works regarding an industrial disease case and will potentially dismiss making a claim as they may think that they have to go to court or would have to meet their old employer. It could also appear there is a lot of hard work and effort on the individual’s behalf however this is not the case and hopefully in the following article we can put you at ease about making a claim.

Step 1-

The first and most important step is to get in touch with us. We have many different means of contact at Roberts Jackson. These include phone, live chat on our website or filling in the information box which can be found on our website.  If you leave an enquiry form we will contact you within 24 hours of you making the enquiry. If you are unavailable at this point in time you can arrange a convenient time with the advisor or they will attempt to call back at a later time that day.

Step 2-

After you have made the initial enquiry and have made contact with one of our advisors they will discuss the details of your employment with you to verify whether we can look into your case. If you are just seeking advice this is not an issue and our advisors will not push you into anything that you may not want to pursue. As stated before our advisor will discuss your working history with you so it is beneficial to have your employment history (CV) at hand however this is not a requirement. In nearly all instances the advisor will be able to make a decision as to whether we can take the call on at the end of the conversation. However in very complex cases it may require a call back to obtain more information to make a decision.

Step 3-

Once we have taken your case on the advisor will arrange a date for an agent to come to your house. They will go through the necessary paperwork with you and make sure you are happy with all the details and how the process will work.  There is a chance that we will send you for a medical appointment that will make sure that your work related injury is work related. After this stage all the work on your part is done, you can now relax in the knowledge that we are dealing with your claim.

Step 4-

We promise to update about your case once a month, letting you know what stage your case is at and any other information that may be important for yourself. However you have a choice on how much correspondence we have with you and in most cases the contact rate is minimal.

Stage 5-

When your case has finally settled we will confirm your settlement amount (your award) by phone and also in writing so that you have a physical copy of the amount you will receive.  In most cases you will not have to attend court as the defendant (insurer) will settle before the date, however if you were asked to provide evidence in court we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and receive the best possible outcome.

If you wish to start your claim or you just want some free advice on the options available to you then you can contact us on 0808 252 0737 were you will be put through to one of our friendly advisors. Alternatively you can fill in the claim enquiry form which can be found on the right of the page or chat us to us live through our online chat facility.