Sound Surprised?

Sound Surprised?

A loss of hearing can have a significant detrimental effect on our enjoyment of everyday life and unlike other parts of the body once hearing loss occurs the damage is irreversible.

We all experience a natural deterioration of hearing as we get older and can be forgiven for putting any hearing problems we are suffering from due to age or ‘wear and tear’. As a result you may be completely unaware that you are suffering from hearing loss and in particular noise induced hearing loss.

Noise Induced hearing loss occurs when there is exposure to noise which causes damage to a part of the ear called the ‘cochlea’ which is located in the inner ear. Damage to the cochlea impacts on our ability to hear at higher frequencies which results in difficulty hearing higher pitched sounds. If you have been exposed to noise, the deterioration of your hearing can be accelerated significantly resulting in a loss of hearing greater than average for your age.

However it is often difficult for someone who is suffering from noise induced hearing loss to be aware that they may be suffering from the condition. Many people are not aware that they have any form of hearing loss until it is brought to their attention often by a partner, children or friends. Therefore it is important to be aware some of the symptoms that relate to noise induced hearing loss.

Take a moment to consider if the following apply to you:

  • You find it difficult to follow conversation in restaurants and pubs
  • You turn the TV up louder than your family wants it
  • You struggle to hear the phone or doorbell
  • You ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your partner complains you can’t hear them

There have been a large number of successful claims against employers that have been negligent in protecting their employees and exposing them to noise. Occupations such as miners, construction workers, steel workers and foundry workers are typical working environments where exposure to noise occurs from machinery. Machinery such as pneumatic drills, air compressors, furnaces, impact wrenches, jackhammers, riveters, presses, chainsaws and welders. However exposure to noise in the workplace is common in a variety of job roles and from a variety of sources.

Don’t suffer in silence. If any of the above apply to you and you have previously worked in a noisy environment, you may be able to make a claim for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Contact Roberts Jackson Solicitors on 0808 252 5504 to see if we can assist you.