Roberts Jackson Client Awarded £25,000 Dermatitis Compensation

Roberts Jackson Client Awarded £25,000 Dermatitis Compensation

A worker for brick specialist Brick manufacturer has been awarded £25,000.00 compensation for contracting dermatitis whilst in the course of his employment.

The 37 year old man instructed Roberts Jackson Solicitors, specialists in Occupational Dermatitis claims after having his case rejected by several other law firms.

As part of his job, the Claimant was responsible for mixing epoxy resins and other chemicals used in the brick bonding and brick-faced arching process.  He was supplied with latex gloves to protect his hands from exposure to harmful substances.

The gloves were inadequate as they would tear and rip allowing the chemicals to leak inside; as a consequence, the Claimant was diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis.

The Claimant developed a sensitisation to the chemicals to which he had been exposed and handled in the workplace and had been left with a vulnerability to develop dermatitis again should he come into contact with the same chemicals in the future.

The chemicals/harmful substances to which the Claimant handled during the course of his employment were listed as harmful under the COSHH Regulations and therefore dangerous if not handled properly.

The Claimant was entitled to take appropriate action against his employer as they failed to provide adequate protective equipment.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors acted swiftly in this complex matter having over twenty years experience in dealing with Occupational Dermatitis claims.

The Claimant received a substantial award as his claim included an additional amount to reflect the fact that he had found himself to be at a disadvantage on the open labour market as a result of his condition, due to the fact that he has to be careful about the types of jobs he accepts in the future.

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