Roberts Jackson CEO, Karen Jackson speaks about the Future of PI Practice at this year’s PI Futures conference

Roberts Jackson CEO, Karen Jackson speaks about the Future of PI Practice at this year’s PI Futures conference

The 22nd September marked this year’s annual PI Futures conference organised by Legal Futures. Lawyers and industry experts from across the UK came to discuss and analyse the overall outlook on Personal Injury firms.

The event is held every year in Liverpool and is marketed as a “must” for every lawyer who wants to understand how the market is shaping up. With government reforms ongoing within this particular legal sector, speakers usually try to address how the market should respond and this year was no exception. Digitalisation seemed to be the order of the day for many speakers, as the conference welcomed a Google executive to highlight the importance of digital within the modern day law firm.

Karen’s speech did not stray too far from the general theme of digitalisation however her focus was very much on the client and customer centric businesses.

Karen Jackson, Roberts Jackson CEO –

“We need to protect the clients as much as we can which is our job as lawyers. The future however is in the hands of the client and we must deliver on what they want, when and how as well as price. We need to focus on their needs and by doing this business health will follow”

Recently, Roberts Jackson has been looking into how to improve our clients’ journey by way of using digital means to enable a more streamline and straight forward process for the client. Karen was quick to point out that every law firm has a long way to go in improving their clients journey including Roberts Jackson and spoke to the conference about how we have approached this using a digital enablement process.

Her speech closed with an overview of key components that she believes make a law firm successful. Some of the main points she made revolved around ensuring you only move into an area of law where you have a particular set of specialist skills. In addition, as a key component of success, the development and support given to employees is key during any period of change.

The final point of the day was surrounding the issue of client acquisition and cost. Ensuring Cost per Acquisition remains competitive (marketing costs) in addition to maintaining a high quality product (running good quality cases that are successful) are two key elements.

As always, the conference was a huge success and given PI practices, old and new, something to ponder as we our industry continues to evolve. The PI conference is organised by Legal Futures, a leading news resource tracking the ever changing legal landscape. For more information on other events they organise throughout the year visit their website here: