Respiratory Problems Caused from Work?

Respiratory Problems Caused from Work?

If you are suffering from a respiratory problem caused by a negligent employer we can help you with an occupational bronchitis compensation claim or with an occupational emphysema compensation claim.

An employer is required to provide a safe system of work with proper training and supervision and if he does not do so and an employee suffers personal injury then the employer will be liable to pay compensation to the employee. Employers are required by law to provide adequate safety equipment including ventilation systems, face masks and breathing apparatus to prevent employees being exposed to harmful and irritant substances that may cause occupational bronchitis or occupational emphysema.

Bronchitis is inflammation of the air passages in the lungs and has numerous causes, including respiratory infections, persistent exposure to irritants including dusts, gases, vapour, cigarette smoke and air pollution. There can be many causes of bronchitis, both inside and outside of the workplace, it is often difficult to say whether the problem has its origin in the workplace.

Particularly difficult occupational bronchitis compensation claims or occupational emphysema compensation claims involve workers who smoke or who suffered from respiratory problems prior to coming into contact with an irritant substance during the course of their employment.

If you suffer from Bronchitis as a result of your employers failure to protect your health and safety we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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