PIP Update

PIP Update

Following on from our article posted on Friday 06 January, the Government has now reviewed the data provided and has advised that the NHS will cover the costs for women who had the implants fitted by the health service and who are anxious to have them removed.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley commented that ” The NHS will support removal of PIP implants if, after this consultation, the patient still has concerns and with her doctor she decides that it is right to do so.”

Whether it is necessary for patients to have the implants removed remains vague however , Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director who led the review, said: “On the basis of the information we have, we do not think it is necessary to recommend the routine removal of these implants… But we understand that some women will be very concerned so we support the government’s position that the NHS will support removal of PIP implants if the patient has concerns and with her doctor she decides that it is right to do so”

As a result of the review it has been commented that private clinics have a “moral duty” to remove banned PIP breast implants from women they operated on, the government says.

The NHS will also remove the implants if the private clinic no longer exists or refuses the patient.
As outlined in our article of 06 January there a number of situations where Roberts Jackson could potentially assist you with a bringing a claim.

To recap those situations are as follows :

•    If you have consulted your GP and have received confirmation that you have suffered a ruptured implant whether PIP or not and the rupture is causing you to experience any of the symptoms listed above. 

•    A late or failed diagnosis resulting in an extension of your symptoms.  For example if you have consulted your GP or Surgeon and they have failed to diagnose a rupture but you subsequently obtain a second opinion and discover that you have been suffering from a rupture.

•    If you may have received a PIP Implant after 31 March 2010 when the implants were recalled. 

•    If you attend your health professional with your concerns and they refuse removal and your implant subsequently ruptures.

If you wish to obtain free advice from one of our solicitor s regarding any of the above then please do not hesitate to call us on 01625 544 633 or e-mail Jennifer.corris@robertsjackson.co.uk

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