How to Claim Compensation for a Faulty Hip Replacement

How to Pursue Defective Hip Replacement Claims

If you have been affected by a faulty hip replacement, Roberts Jackson’s clinical negligence claims specialists can help. We act on behalf of clients who have had failed hip replacements using metal components manufactured by De Puy International (parent company Johnson & Johnson).

Hip Replacement Background

Hip replacement surgery was pioneered by Sir John Charnley at the Wrightington Hospital and is now one of the most common and successful surgical procedures in the UK.

Various different materials have been used including ceramic, metal and PTFE. Metal-on-metal hip implants were reintroduced into use in the 1990s but have been the subject of growing concern since the worldwide recall in August 2010 of the DePuy Orthopaedics’ ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR Acetabular System.

A report published in 2012 showed that the outcomes for metal-on-metal hip implants were much worse than for other materials. In addition, a number of studies published in medical journals have found evidence that metal hip implants can shed potentially dangerous amounts of metal debris into patients’ blood streams, leading to serious health risks.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 implemented a European Directive into UK law to provide protection to individuals who had been harmed by defective products. This includes a wide range of medical components and devices such as hips, and gives individuals rights against the manufacturers of defective hip products.

How we Can Help

If you have had a faulty hip replacement, and you suspect or know that a metal-on-metal hip implant might have been used in your surgery, our specialist solicitors can help you.

We will investigate whether you have a valid clinical negligence claim. There are a number of other claimants who have suffered from defective hip replacements across the country and it is likely that these cases will form part of a group action.

De Puy is only one of a number of manufacturers who produced metal-on-metal hips and even if you don’t have a De Puy hip, we may be able to help you.

Hip Replacement Claims Criteria

In order to take hip replacement claims on we would usually want to be sure that the following applies:

  • You have had a hip replacement or resurfacing work using a metal-on-metal implant/component within the last 10 years.
  • The original surgery has failed
  • You found out within the last 3 years that your failed surgery was due to the component.
  • You suspect that the failure may be due to the metal components (you may have been having annual blood tests to check metal levels).
  • You have had or are about to have a revision operation.

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