BT Hearing Loss – The Oscillator and Amplifier Effect

BT Hearing Loss – The Oscillator and Amplifier Effect

The Health and Safety Executive state that over 1 million employees in Great Britain are exposed to noise levels that put them at risk of hearing loss. Further to this, some 17,000 people in the UK are now suffering with deafness.*

Noise induced hearing loss cases are generally associated with workers based in heavy industries. Common sufferers of hearing damage are those who have been employed in mining, steel work and ship building. However we at Roberts Jackson have witnessed a rise in the number of cases being brought by those in other industries. In particular, the telecommunications sector and especially employees of British Telecom have seen an increase in BT hearing loss issues in recent years.

What causes BT workers to suffer from hearing loss?

Serving and retired BT workers across England and Wales may have noise induced hearing loss or industrial deafness through the use of Tone Sets.

Engineers, Technicians, and Linesmen use the equipment during the installation and maintenance of telephone lines. The Tone Sets contain oscillators and amplifiers that help workers to detect faults on lines and can often send excessive noise to their headphones, which can lead to lasting hearing damage

The equipment which has been known to emit excessive levels of noise and cause BT hearing loss are the green and yellow tone sets used by British Telecom workers.

BT hearing loss signs

Workers who have used the equipment may not even know that it has caused their hearing loss and may have even put their symptoms down to old age.

Do you:

Have the volume on the television or radio turned up?

Not hear the doorbell or telephone ringing?

Constantly ask people to repeat themselves?

Struggle to hear if there is background noise?

Suffer with buzzing or ringing sounds also known as Tinnitus?

All of the above are signs that you may be suffering with noise induced hearing loss. You can find out even more about the warning signals of occupational deafness in our new loss of hearing tip sheet.

Over recent years Roberts Jackson has handled an increasing number of BT hearing loss claims for workers who have used Tone Sets. We have been able to successfully obtain settlements for these employees, making sure that they have access to the financial and medical support they deserve.

If you or someone you know has worked in the telecommunications sector and may be suffering with BT hearing loss, we at Roberts Jackson Limited may be able to help.

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