Bakers have high risk of asthma

Bakers have high risk of asthma
Bakers have high risk of asthma

Bakers have high risk of asthma

Bakers have high risk of asthma

Bakers are at an increased risk of developing asthma, researchers have warned.

Experts say cleaners and cabinet makers are also at a high risk of developing occupational asthma.

They warn that the public should also be aware of the potential risks associated with baking.

Many people with occupational asthma feel ill from Monday to Friday and then recover at weekend and holidays.

Martin Dockrell, National Asthma Campaigns Researchers at the Health and Safety Laboratory, Sheffield talked to 113 bakers.

They found almost half reported breathing related symptoms. 27% reported nasal irritation, 25% a respiratory symptom, 16% chest tightness, 10% cough and 10% wheeze.

Coughing was the first symptom experienced by the bakers.

‘Be vigilant’

Dr Andrew Curran of the Health and Safety Laboratory commented: “Occupational asthma remains a significant problem in the baking industry – at least 80 new cases are reported each year in the UK.

“The new research has shown that coughing is a common symptom that can start shortly after bakers begin working in the industry. Other symptoms take longer to develop. “

He added: “Everyone exposed to flour dust in their job or has frequent exposure at home should be vigilant and aware of the risk to their respiratory health.

“If you work with flour and develop any respiratory symptoms you should see your GP and report it to your employer.”

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