Additional Board Members Announced

Additional Board Members Announced

We are extremely proud to announce that Associate Directors, Gladys Swaim-Rutter and Lorna Vanderkamp have been promoted to Executive Directors at Roberts Jackson Solicitors. Gladys has been in charge of managing many of the departments at Roberts Jackson including the pre-lit department, Marketing, HR, Enforcement and Vetting with considerable success. She was also named winner of the Personal Injury Awards 2013 “Practice Manager of the Year” and shortlisted for many others.

Lorna has been with the Firm since the doors were first opened  in 2009 and has moved up through the ranks to become Head of Legal.

Gina and Lorna now join the official Board at RJ limited and are Equity Shareholders.

Gladys has commented with the following   “I feel very privileged to have been promoted to Executive Director and Shareholder of Roberts Jackson Solicitors.  The development and mentoring received from Founders, Karen and Oliver Jackson has allowed me to develop my skills to serve the company to the highest level.  I would also like to show my appreciation to all of the employees at Roberts Jackson, whom without their drive, commitment, and passion, Roberts Jackson would not be the company it is today.”

Lorna has commented  “I have flourished and developed as a lawyer and have also had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the business since joining Roberts Jackson in 2009.  I am delighted to have been given such an amazing opportunity and I am very much looking forward to working with NorthEdge as the firm continues to grow.  I am committed to raising awareness in the field of disease litigation and I am committed to our clients and access to justice.”