Tinnitus Information Day Leeds 15th March

Tinnitus Information Day Leeds 15th March
Tinnitus Information Day Leeds 15th March

Tinnitus Information Day Leeds 15th March

Tinnitus Information Day Leeds 15th March
The British Tinnitus Association are a charity based in Sheffield whose aim is to promote the awareness of tinnitus and also offer help and support to sufferers of tinnitus. The charity was formed in 1979 however they became a registered charity in 1992. They work with both the public and also medical/business professionals in the aim to further research and awareness of tinnitus.

At Roberts Jackson Solicitors our speciality is Industrial Disease especially Noise Induced Hearing Loss. This work related condition is caused by an individuals working environment, specifically a noisy one. Due to their work in noisy environments their hearing can be damaged if proper protection and safety requirements are not enforced properly.

Through our experience with this condition we often hear that tinnitus or “Ringing & Buzzing” are the most common symptoms related to work related hearing loss. It can be an incredibly life changing condition regarding stress and sleep issues however through our experience there isn’t many options provided to sufferers in terms of information or physical help.

We have published content and articles on the subject of Tinnitus in the hope that either our clients or people seeking information are given some kind of direction regarding their tinnitus. You can find the article here Tinnitus Tips and Advice.

Tinnitus can affect everyone from all walks of life and it is very common for symptoms to arise later in life due to the way the damage affects the ear. Many people are unaware that this is a condition let alone something that they could potentially seek help with or claim compensation for, mainly due people blaming old age as the main contributor.

The British Tinnitus Association is running two information days to promote tinnitus and give people information and advice on tinnitus as a condition. The two events are in Leeds on Saturday 15th March and in Brighton on Saturday 14th June.

The two days both include many different events and stalls that inform on every section about tinnitus. Below is a brief rundown of what each day will include-

  • Basic Facts about Tinnitus
  • The impact of tinnitus
  • Different treatments that are available for tinnitus sufferers
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Local tinnitus services for individuals

The days will also interactive events such as-

  • Professional Speakers
  • Taster Sessions for activities that help tinnitus such as Yoga & Tai-Chi
  • Exhibitions from different organisations that will be presenting ideas on how to cope with tinnitus

The event is completely free to attend but places need to be reserved in advance by contacting 0800 018 0527.

At Roberts Jackson Solicitors we understand that tinnitus is a serious issue for some individuals and we will fight for the compensation you deserve. Fill in the contact form on the page or alternatively call 0800 001 4496 and we will offer you free legal advice on how to proceed and the options that are available to you.