Tinnitus Awareness Week – Solihull man urges sufferers to get checked

Tinnitus Awareness Week – Solihull man urges sufferers to get checked

On Tinnitus Awareness Week, we take a look at the case of a Solihull man who was unaware that his hearing problems were caused by his career in engineering.

Roy Browning, 57, from Solihull had put his hearing problem down to getting older.  It was only after family members had to shout to communicate with him and urged him to see a specialist, that he discovered his hearing loss and tinnitus were a result not only of age but also ‘exposure to loud noise’ in his working environment.  Roy worked in metal manufacturing from 1976 to 2009, operating power presses and drilling machines.  Hearing protection was brought in in 2003 but the damage to Roy’s hearing was already done.

Tinnitus, the buzzing or ringing sound some people are plagued with, is more common than you might think.  Surprisingly, around one in 10 UK adults has tinnitus, with recent data showing that this increases to nearly 17% of 40 to 69-year olds and 25–30% of over 70s.

According to the hearing expert, Roy’s need for a hearing aid has been accelerated by 10 years as a result of exposure to loud noise in the workplace, and the hearing loss and tinnitus are permanent.

Roy has difficulty using the phone and watching television, as well as problems hearing family members.  He urges anyone who might have work-related hearing problems to visit their doctor and get specialist advice.  Roy was able to make a claim for his hearing problems after contacting legal specialists, Roberts Jackson, who successfully won him compensation for his hearing loss and tinnitus.

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