Workplace back injury remains major cause of illness

Workplace back injury remains major cause of illness
Workplace back injury remains major cause of illness

Workplace back injury remains major cause of illness

Workplace Back Injury
Despite the best efforts of Health & Safety advisors, recent figures reveal no reduction in the number of work-related back injuries over the past few years. According to the Labour Force Survey as quoted in the latest Health & Safety Executive’s Musculoskeletal Statistics Report 2016, there has been no significant drop in the prevalence rate of back disorders since 2010.

In 2015/16 there were a staggering 3,417,000 working days lost due to work related back disorders, with the average number of days lost per case of 15.9 days.

What should I be wary of if work has caused my back injury?

It is always difficult to pinpoint exactly what could cause back pain and back injuries as day to day life is full of physical tasks. However, there are certain things you may do at work that can increase the risk such as one off incidents where you are required to lift something extremely heavy or move around furniture for example. In these situations, manual handling should always be provided and assistance in lifting the weight should be on hand whether it is a co-worker or equipment such as a hoist.

The common types of back injuries that Roberts Jackson comes across involve lifting, pushing and pulling things of considerable weight but on a more repetitive basis. Some high risk occupations include:

  • Care Workers
  • Nurses
  • Construction Workers
  • Retail Workers
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Construction Workers
  • Car Mechanics

The list above is non exhaustive and back injuries can occur in nearly any occupation so it is important to report any issues to your employer and make sure a record is kept of any incidents or complaints you make. Request adequate training and support if necessary and always visit your GP or health professional if you are worried about any back pain you may be experiencing.

In November 2016, a car component firm was fined £183,340 after failing to protect its workers after they were repeatedly lifting

HSE Inspector Elizabeth Hornsby said: “Companies need to recognise that manual handling is a high risk activity. It is equally important to get health issues right, as well as safety. An Office of National Statistics report on Sickness Absence in the Labour Market stated that 30.6 million days were lost in 2013 due to musculoskeletal problems. This itself should highlight the need for employers to get health issues right.”

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