Back Pain can signal early death for some

Back Pain can signal early death for some
Back Pain can signal early death for some

Back Pain can signal early death for some

Back Pain
Researchers at the University of Sydney have announced the surprising results of a recent investigation into spinal pain and death rates.  They found that back pain sufferers are 13 per cent more likely to die early from any cause.

The announcement comes shortly after other news that found painkillers were ineffective in treating the condition.

Writing in the European Journal of Pain, Study author Dr Paulo Ferreria said: ‘This is a significant finding as many people think that back pain is not life-threatening.

‘Policy makers should be aware that back pain is a serious issue – it is an indicator of people’s poor health and should be screened for, particularly in the elderly.’

And Dr Matthew Fernandez, also involved in the study, said: ‘Back pain should be recognised as an important co-morbidity that is likely to impact people’s longevity and quality of life.’

It is believed that back pain costs the economy around £10 billion every year and many sufferers develop their pain in the workplace.

Back pain at work can be caused by many different factors such as the job in question or the environment you work in.

Posture is the number one cause of back pain with sufferers often complaining that their posture at work caused the pain which can often be due to inadequate training or the space in which the employee is working.

Repetitive motions or positions can also cause back pain from work due to the constant strain placed upon the employee’s back and neck. This can often be seen in production lines and warehouse work.

Isolated accidents such as a one-off incident can take place in any line of work. If your back injury has been caused by an individual task, such as lifting a heavy weight, and you received no or inadequate manual handling training, your employer may be to blame for your condition.

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