BackCare Awareness Week 6th-12th October 2014

BackCare Awareness Week 6th-12th October 2014

October usually marks the anniversary of Halloween and the build-up to the all exciting bonfire night but for charities and organisations up and down the country there is something else at the forefront of their mind – Backcare Awareness Week. This year the focus of the week is about office workers suffering from back injuries whether it be from poor posture, office equipment or a general lack of occupational health procedures being enforced. The statistics released by the HSE our staggering with around 7.6 million working days lost due to work place back injuries or musculoskeletal disorders.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors is a corporate partner of the Backcare organisation and offer support and legal advice for anyone who may want to pursue compensation for a severe back injury that wasn’t their fault. Our job this year is to raise as much awareness as possible about back injuries caused by work and we aim to do this on a regular basis. We have recently published an article on our Top Ten Tips for Back Pain relief which can be found here.

Backcare are offering their own tips and advice for the week and they have also put together some awareness packs that can be purchased at a next to nothing price by following this link: Sponsorship and advertising opportunities within Backcare’s publication “Talkback” are also available by following the same link.

The organisations key messages this year have been listed as the following:

  • Stand, Sit and Move at your desk
  • Stretch your back at your desk at least every half hour
  • Set your workstation just right
  • Ergonomic furniture, a hype or a necessity?
  • Use headsets and stop straining those neck muscles!
  • Take regular breaks especially if you work long hours
  • Employers guidelines

Here at Roberts Jackson we thoroughly support these messages and can offer free legal advice for anyone suffering with a back injury related to work. We regularly post content on the issue of back injuries and a back catalogue of our news posts can be found here. If you wish to speak one of our specialist advisors about condition, feel free to request a call back by filling in the form on the right hand side of this page or alternatively ring us on our Freephone number 0800 001 4496.