Does my job affect my asthma?

Does my job affect my asthma?
Does my job affect my asthma?

Does my job affect my asthma?

Does my job affect my asthma?
Thousands of workers across the UK are unaware that their Asthma is affected because of their job. Instead symptoms and aggravation are associated with lifestyle or previous health conditions. This is not always the case and in some circumstances it can be the individuals working environment that has affected their Asthma.

In the following we will address some of the factors found in the working environment that can aggravate an employee’s Asthma.

  • Is your asthma worse during the working week, though not necessarily at work itself?
  • Do your symptoms get worse after work, or do you find your sleep is disturbed during the night?
  • Do your asthma symptoms improve when you have been away from work for several days or on holiday?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above it is most likely that your job has affected your Asthma. However there are still other indicators that can help determine whether it is your work or lifestyles that are aggravating your Asthma.

There are certain occupations that are at more risk to Asthma than others which we have listed below. We would like to note that list is non-exhaustive and only covers the key areas. Your work could still be affecting your Asthma in your specific job role.

  • Steel production & Fabrication
  • Construction Workers
  • Bakers
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Work
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Coal Mining
  • Doctors, Nurses & Health Care Workers
  • Automotive Industry
  • Factory Work (with substances)
  • Trade Work (Solderers, Welders)

In all these working environments proper protection should be provided in line with Health and Safety guidelines. This protection can vary from masks and gloves to the working environment itself being spacious as an example.

Now that we have addressed the common workplaces that can cause Asthma it is beneficial to outline the specific substances.

  • Latex
  • Flour Dust
  • Fumes from welding
  • Paint Fumes
  • Numerous metal dusts and compounds
  • Wood Dust
  • Animal Hair
  • The list goes on

If you have come into or are in contact with any of these substances then there is the potential that your job is affecting your Asthma if you are not provided the proper protection.

If you have worked in any of the above industries and have had contact with any of the above substances then you may be eligible for Asthma compensation. Please do not hesitate to contact us either via the claim enquiry form on the right of this page or by calling our free phone number 0800 001 4496. One of our advisors will offer you legal advice on the next steps to take regarding obtaining the compensation you deserve.