Asthma Cure on the Horizon?

Asthma Cure on the Horizon?
Asthma Cure on the Horizon?

Asthma Cure on the Horizon?

Asthma Cure
Recent news and research from leading scientists have revealed that the cure for asthma maybe a lot closer than we think. Experts appear to have discovered a protein that is supposedly the root cause of asthma, a condition that currently affects roughly 300 million people across the world.

The proposed action to treat the respiratory disease involves using a drug originally developed for osteoporosis however it appears the drug also reverses twitchiness, narrowing and inflammation in the lungs.

Professor Daniela Riccardi, of Cardiff University, said: “Our findings are incredibly exciting. For the first time we have found a link between airways inflammation which can be caused by environmental triggers – such as allergens, cigarette smoke and car fumes – and airways twitchiness in allergic asthma.

“Our paper shows how these triggers release chemicals that activate CaSR in airway tissue and drive asthma symptoms like airway twitchiness, inflammation and narrowing. Using calcilytics – nebulized directly into the lungs – we show it’s possible to deactivate CaSR and prevent all of these symptoms.”

Prof Riccardi had studied osteoporosis for the majority of her career and describes coming across the proteins role “completely out of the blue” after she began work on asthma only five years ago. As with all scientific discoveries it is difficult to say whether this is a major turning point in the treatment of asthma but it is extremely promising for sufferers and doctors alike.

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions and can be caused by a number of things. Sometimes the condition can be genetic and passed on through parents although a lot of the time (especially in adults) it can be environmental. Triggers such as allergens, smoke, air pollution and occupational substances can all cause or exacerbate asthma. Some of the most vulnerable workers are those who work in bakeries, hair salons, printing and woodwork environments.

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Asthma cure ‘could happen in five or six years’ after scientists discover cause