Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Negligence Claims
Medical Negligence Claims
Has your health suffered as a result of substandard medical care or surgical error? Turn to Roberts Jackson, specialists in medical negligence claims, for legal advice on the steps to follow next.

Our expert medical negligence solicitors have successfully helped a large number of people who have suffered at the hands of a medical professional or institution. With our advice and support accompanied by our commitment to achieving justice and compensation for poor medical treatment, you can trust us to secure you the financial and medical support you deserve.

Common medical negligence claim types

Patients trust medical professionals to provide them with correct medical advice and treatment. However, mistakes do sometimes take place, and the consequences can be serious.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors find that the most common causes of medical negligence include:

  • Misdagnosis
  • Delayed or Incorrect treatment
  • Surgical error

Whether you suffer from a brain injury, as a result of surgical error or a victim of dental negligence, our legal team are highly experienced in all types of medical negligence claims, so will be able to manage your claim with a great deal of skill and competence.

Claim time limits

You have three years to pursue medical negligence claims from the date of the accident or date of knowledge, which will usually be the date that you were diagnosed.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors will be able to start your claim promptly, gathering evidence, speaking to specialists and putting together medical records in order to present a strong case to the liable party. You can also rely on us during the negotiation period, as we will work hard to secure you a payout that recompenses you for any past suffering and provides you with financial support for the future.

Starting your claim for compensation

If you have suffered from medical negligence and would like to pursue a claim for compensation, get in contact with Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496.

A member of our team will listen to your circumstances and offer free legal advice on all the support and guidance available to you.