Roberts Jackson Solicitors partners with numerous organisations and charities to ensure that we are doing our bit for the community and to provide our clients with additional support with their condition or injury if needed. Here are some of the groups we support and donate to regularly:

The Latex Allergy Support Group (UK)


The Latex Allergy Support Group or LASG is a voluntary self-help organisation.

Founded in 1996, this organisation has always aimed to provide support for those who are affected by latex allergies, to increase public awareness and to promote the safe use of latex equipment and other products.
LASG, work alongside a dedicated advisory panel who offer advice when considering medical and technological issues.

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Back care, is a national charity which was founded by Stanley Grundy, in 1986.

Having suffered chronic back pain himself, Stanley Grundy strived to help others. He believed this would be done by increasing knowledge on this area, through research and education.

Today, Backcare pride themselves on following these same goals by educating the general public and by funding scientific research.

Scientific research enables us to enhance our knowledge on cause and prevention so that in the future we can develop effective strategies to manage pain, helping those who are suffering.

BackCare is supported in this by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales who is their patron.

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British Tinnitus Association (UK)


The British Tinnitus Association or BTA is the leading UK based charity, committed to supporting those affected by Tinnitus. Providing accurate information, advice and support

Tinnitus affects approximately 6.3 million people in the UK. It can range from mild to server and in turn affects both concentration and sleep. In some instances Tinnitus can lead to depression and anxiety. There is currently, no cure for Tinnitus.

BTA aims intently to provide accurate information, advice and support to those affected by Tinnitus. They also strive to promote the prevention of tinnitus through education and scientific research.

This organisation works closely with a Professional Advisors’ Committee. A panel of experts (within their fields respectively) who work relentlessly to help tinnitus patients, utilising medical research so that in the future we may be able to effectively manage and reduce the impact of tinnitus.

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Roberts Jackson Solicitors sponsor numerous local sports clubs and individuals in order for amateur and junior players to continue toenjoy the hobbies and activities the love.

Woodley Cricket Club – Junior Team


Woodley Cricket Club, based in Stockport, runs a whole host of activities and sporting events for all sports enthusiasts young and old. We have recently sponsored the junior cricket team so that the club can host award ceremonies for the junior players to mark the end of their season.

To find out more about Woodley Cricket Club.

Tottington St Johns Sports Club – Ladies Rounder’s Team


Tottington St Johns sports club host male cricket and female rounder’s matches and activities for all ages. Based in Tottington, just north of Bury, the club has been established for over 125 years and opened its doors to female rounder’s in 2002.

Recently the ladies have been in need of new kit and Roberts Jackson Solicitors has sponsored the team to make this possible. Both the rounder’s and cricket team encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved. If you would like any more information you can visit: or follow them on twitter @tottysports.


At Roberts Jackson Solicitors we are constantly trying to improve our service and quality of work. In order to monitor and ensure we are providing the best service we can for clients, we are audited each year by Lexcel and put ourselves forward for the Legal 500, which monitors and details the top 500 Law firms in the UK.

Legal 500

Roberts Jackson Solicitors Legal 500 Our profile on the Legal 500 can be found here

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