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Working with printing machines (particularly newspaper printing) can put workers at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The types of machinery which can be considered noisy are printing, cutting machines or printing presses. Notably the various dusts that can be emitted from printing paper may also contribute to or cause Occupational Asthma.

Warehouse Operatives

Employees that work in warehouses are susceptible to Cumulative Back Strain due to heavy lifting. Working in a warehouse can also cause Repetitive Strain Injuries due to awkward repetitive movements and staff not being rotated during full time hours.

Office Workers

Working in an office environment can lead to injuries such as Cumulative Back Strain if poor, inadequate seating is provided. It may also lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if strenuous or repetitive work is continued during all periods of employment.

Agriculture and Farming

In the farming industry the use of various fertilizers and exposure to corn dust can cause employees to develop symptoms of both Occupational Asthma and Dermatitis. Daily tasks in this industry such as heavy lifting or repetitive tasks can also result in certain types of Back Injury or Repetitive Strain Injuries.

The use of hay in animal feeds or loud older diesel tractors could lead to breathing and skin problems. The loudness of the tractor could also be a cause of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The waste product of animals or fertilizer can also be an issue for workers in this industry as they are very likely to cause dermatitis and asthma.


Those working in the hairdressing industry are at risk of suffering from Occupational Dermatitis. One of the main causes of this condition is wet working, which is when a worker’s skin is in contact with water for long periods of time throughout the day. Further to this, the chemicals which are used within the industry can also cause irritation when in contact with the skin. Shampoos, conditioners, colouring and bleaching agents as well as cleaning products can all contain chemicals that can cause Contact Dermatitis. When inhaled, these chemicals may also cause Occupational Asthma.

Formaldehyde is a chemical used in the process known as the Brazilian Blow Dry, which is a form of chemical straightening and is heavily linked to causing skin and respiratory problems.

Laboratory and Chemical

Workers dealing with chemicals or the mass production of pharmaceuticals and beauty products could be at risk of multiple workplace problems. The fumes of processing chemicals may cause someone to have breathing issues and the physical contact with any of these substances could lead to Dermatitis. Protective gloves may also be a problem for some people via the material or any supposedly protective creams provided.

The environment may be one where there are multiple pumps and engines, if concentrated in one area, it is possible one could suffer Noise Induced Hearing Loss as a result.

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