Common Industrial Injuries

Common Industrial Injuries
Common Industrial Injuries
Common Industrial Injuries
Workers across a wide range of sectors still suffer from industrial injuries every year, from both one-off industrial accidents and long term exposure to workplace dangers.

Work-related injuries tend to arise when employers fail to fulfil their duty of care to protect the health and safety of their workforce. This leaves employees exposed to occupational hazards and therefore increases their risk of sustaining an industrial injury or work-related condition.

Most common industrial injuries

With years of experience handling compensation claims for injured workers, our solicitors find that the most common industrial injuries include:

Back injuries: A back problem can start after a single incident or develop overtime due to repetitive handling or working in an unnatural position. These industrial injuries tend to occur in factories and offices, where heavy lifting, prolonged sitting or manual handling is expected.

Vibration white finger: Vibratory tools or machinery cause VWF, where tingling hands, numb fingers and red or white patches are present. This industrial disease is common in the construction industry and usually affects those who don’t have access to the right personal protective equipment.

Asthma: This work-related respiratory condition can take months or years to develop. Exposure to air borne fibres such as coal dust, chemical vapours and welding fumes without proper ventilation or safety precautions can sensitise the breathing passages and lead to occupational asthma.

Noise induced hearing loss: While this work-related condition usually starts off subtly, the ears can become increasingly damaged if they are frequently exposed to loud noises without the right safety precautions. This can often result in irreversible damage and industrial deafness in the long run.

Asbestosis: Asbestos was recognised as a workplace hazard in the 1900s, yet people who have been previously exposed to the air-borne fibres while at work are still at risk of developing asbestosis or mesothelioma as it can take decades for symptoms to develop.

Dealing with industrial injuries

If you have an industrial injury that you believe has been caused by your employer, contact Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496 for legal advice on the steps to follow next.

If we believe that pursuing an industrial injury claim would be the best approach, our legal team will be able to run the case on your behalf. With years of experience managing claims related to industrial injuries and work-related conditions, you can rely on us to work hard and secure you the justice you rightfully deserve.