Back Pain or Back Injury

Back Pain or Back Injury
Back Pain or Back Injury
Back Pain or Back Injury

Have back pain or a back injury from work?

Have you worked in a job that involved heavy lifting, poor posture or manual handling and now suffer from pain, discomfort or strain on your back?

You may have a cumulative back injury. This condition can take months or even years to develop, and is often caused by unsafe working conditions.

  • Have you performed repetitive or strenuous tasks in a difficult posture or with great force?
  • Has your back pain developed or worsened over a period of time?
  • You may be able to claim compensation for your cumulative back injury.

Manual workers are susceptible to developing cumulative back injuries, while office workers can also get the condition if they are required to sit in a difficult posture for an extended period of time.

If you believe that you have a cumulative back injury as a result of your work or working environment, enter your details into the form on the right. A legal specialist will then be in touch shortly to provide you with free advice you can really trust.

Typical compensation amounts* for cumulative back injury claims can vary however below we have listed some of the most common compensation amounts.

  • Severe back problems including nerve Root Damage, Effected Mobility and Severe Pain – £27,700 – £115,000
  • Moderate Back Problems including – Worsening of previous Back Problems, Crush Fractures of the Vertebrae and Prolapsed Discs requiring surgery – £8,900 – £27,700
  • Minor Sprains, Disc Prolapses and Soft Tissue Injuries – £1,000 – £8,900

*The above are representative of the Judicial College guidelines (formerly the Judicial Studies Board guidelines)*