Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms & Causes

Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms & Causes
Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms & Causes
Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms & Causes
If you think that your hearing loss or deafness has developed or worsened as a result of your employment, read through the causes and symptoms below to find out if you have a possible compensation claim.

What are Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms?

Some of the most common industrial hearing loss symptoms include:

  • Lack of hearing in one or both ears
  • Temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • Ringing, buzzing or hissing noises can be a sign of tinnitus
  • Missing parts of conversations
  • Struggling to hear people if there is background noise
  • Having to turn the TV or radio volume up

If you have any of the symptoms, you may want to visit your local GP to get a diagnosis and gain access to medical care available. Alternatively, Roberts Jackson can organise for a medical examination to take place at your own home (subject to us accepting your case).

What has caused your industrial hearing loss?

If you are employed or have previously been employed in a noisy environment, your industrial deafness or hearing loss may have been caused by exposure to excessive noise levels at work.

Work-related hearing problems can take years to develop, even if you have been exposed to loud noise for a while. Therefore, you may not automatically associate the damage with your working conditions.

The industries where an employee is most at risk of developing an occupational hearing condition include:

  • Construction
  • Ship building
  • Airfields
  • Night clubs

Under The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, a business is required protect the health and safety of its employees by reducing or managing noise levels. If your employer has failed to complete risk assessments and create a safe working environment, which has caused you to develop a hearing problem, they can be held responsible for the damage.

The majority of employers have been aware since 1963 that excessive noise levels may affect their employees’ hearing. If your exposure has happened at any point after 1963 you may still have a valid claim.

Unsure about whether your work or employer is to blame? Get in contact with Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496. With a thorough understanding of safety regulations, we can help you decipher whether you have a claim for compensation.

Starting your claim

If you believe that you are entitled to pursue an industrial hearing loss claim, submit your details in the blue box and we will be in contact for an initial consultation.