Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation

Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation
Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation
Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation
If you have been exposed to a high level of noise at work which has caused you to suffer from irreversible damage, you may be entitled to industrial hearing loss compensation.

Roberts Jackson has a team of industrial deafness solicitors who can manage your claim from start to finish. With a strong and up-to-date legal knowledge accompanied by substantial experience in handling similar claims, you can trust our team to secure you the payout that you rightfully deserve.

What caused your hearing loss?

Industrial deafness is most common in noisy industries such as woodworking, engineering and demolition. However, anyone required to use or work in close proximity to loud equipment and machinery can potentially suffer from hearing damage from their employment.

Read our industrial hearing loss symptoms and causes guide for further information on how the condition can develop and worsen at work.

If you suspect that you have industrial deafness, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I been provided with protective hearing equipment?
  • Is noisy equipment regularly checked and audited?
  • Do I receive sufficient breaks away from the noisy environment?
  • Does my employer provide me with regular health and hearing checks?

An employer has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of workers exposed to excessive levels of noise. If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions, your employer may not be doing enough to safeguard you from the occupational hazard, which has caused your hearing to suffer.

Are you entitled to pursue an industrial hearing loss compensation claim?

Believe that your industrial deafness has been caused by a neglectful employer? We recommend that you make them fully aware of the situation. This can give them an opportunity to right their wrongs and introduce additional measures to protect you from further harm.

However, if your employer fails to take action following your discussion, you can choose to make an industrial deafness compensation claim against them.

Roberts Jackson solicitors can put together the claim on your behalf and perform any negotiations required. With our help and support, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be fully compensated for any pain and suffering, financial setback and medical treatment you require.

How much industrial deafness compensation will I be awarded?

Every industrial hearing loss compensation claim is different.

Each individual has their own personal circumstances, and may suffer from varying levels of pain and suffering, so the payout you receive will depend entirely on your own situation. The extent of your damage can also factor into the equation, including whether you are suffering from total or temporary hearing loss, and if you are injured in one or both ears.

Of course, Roberts Jackson will work hard to secure you the right level of industrial deafness compensation you deserve. Contact us on 0800 001 4496 to let us know about your situation and to find out more about pursuing a claim with us.