Is your skin rash a form of occupational dermatitis?

Is your skin rash a form of occupational dermatitis?
Is your skin rash a form of occupational dermatitis?
Is your skin rash a form of occupational dermatitis?
Occupational dermatitis is typically caused by exposure to certain substances in the workplace, with cracked skin, redness and skin lesions being the main symptoms of a skin rash from work.

If you come into contact with irritants, allergens or other agents during the course of your working week and have cracked skin accompanied by other dermatitis symptoms, contact us on 0800 001 4496 for free immediate legal guidance on the steps we recommend that you follow next.

The main causes of occupational dermatitis

There are a number of different substances that can cause you to develop occupational dermatitis symptoms such as cracked skin, skin rashes, blisters and swelling. These can include:

  • Water, soap and detergents
  • Foods
  • Chemicals and cleaners
  • Gloves

This is merely the tip of the iceberg, as there is an ever-growing list of materials that can potentially cause workers to suffer from occupational dermatitis.

Employees within the agricultural, beauty, hairdressing and construction industries are amongst those most at risk of developing a skin rash from work. However, it is important to remember that you can be exposed to such materials without ever suffering from dermatitis.

Can I claim compensation for a skin rash from work?

For employees at risk of developing dermatitis because of their work or workplace, their employer should have measures in place to protect them from harm.

If your employer has failed to live up to their legal obligation, which has caused your skin condition to develop or worsen, inform them of your dermatitis so that they have a chance to remedy the situation. If they then fail to take action, you may be entitled to claim compensation for any pain and suffering, medical treatment and financial setbacks that you suffer as a result of the dermatitis.

Help and support from Roberts Jackson

Our solicitors specialise in managing occupational dermatitis claims and are dedicated to helping sufferers of the skin condition to get all the help and support they could possibly need.

With a full understanding of the impact occupational dermatitis can have on your life and leisure accompanied by years of experience handling cases for injured workers, the team will be able to manage your claim effectively so that you receive the payout you need to get everything back on track. We will also work hard to keep the process simple and straightforward for you, giving you every opportunity to get on with your life as normal.

If you suffer from a skin rash from work or other dermatitis symptoms, and want to find out more about pursuing a claim for compensation, phone us on 0800 001 4496 for a free initial consultation.