Hazardous Substances at Work

Hazardous Substances at Work
Hazardous Substances at Work
Hazardous Substances at Work
In many different forms of work hazardous substances are often involved due to the nature of the job, whether it is cleaning or food production these hazardous substances should always be treated with the up most importance. It is the duty of your employer to provide the right protective equipment and training to prevent any injury or harm from work with these types of substances.

What type of substances are hazardous?

Many people are not aware that the substance they are working with is potentially hazardous possibly because of lack of training and protection provided. Below we have listed substances that if handled incorrectly can cause harm or injury to an employee.

  • Beauty products such as shampoo and bleaches
  • Cleaning products such as bleach and soap
  • Wet Working such as catering and cleaning
  • Construction materials such as wet cement
  • Metal working materials
  • Woodworking such as dust & fibres

The effects and symptoms of working with these types of substances can often go missed by the individual and the serious nature of the injury in some cases is not identified properly until sometime after employment. Below we have listed some of the symptoms of working with hazardous substances to help you identify if you have been affected.

Symptoms of hazardous substances

  • Dermatitis: skin irritations and a redness or itching of the skin
  • Asthma: shortness of breath or coughing at work
  • Eczema: symptoms can be made worse
  • In severe certain substances can cause cancer such as benzene in crude oil which can lead to leukaemia
  • The potential for injury can also affect other areas such as the eyes or mouth due to contact.

If you have come into contact with any of the above substances and are now suffering from an injury or condition you could be entitled to compensation. We understand at Roberts Jackson that many people are unsure of their injury and often blame personal circumstances. We offer FREE advice to all our clients giving you the power to make a decision and understand the options available to you. To make an enquiry you can either contact us via the claim request form on the right of the page or by our free phone number 0808 115 6594.

Compensation amounts for Hazardous Substance related injuries

  • Dermatitis£1000 – £13,000
  • Asthma£3000 – £43,000
  • Severe cases (e.g. lung cancer) – up to £66,000

*All figures are based on the maximum Judicial College guidelines (formerly the Judicial Studies Board guidelines)