FAQs for Cumulative Back Injury Compensation Claims

FAQs for Cumulative Back Injury Compensation Claims
FAQs for Cumulative Back Injury Compensation Claims
FAQs for Cumulative Back Injury Compensation Claims
A cumulative back injury is a potentially debilitating condition that can affect your ability to work and prevent you from living life to the fullest.

Roberts Jackson specialises in providing legal advice and support to employees who have sustained cumulative back injuries through their work. As we are committed to helping people get back on their feet after suffering from such health problems, we have answered our FAQs to help you to understand more about back injuries and how you can claim compensation for any damage caused.

What are the common causes of cumulative back injuries?

A cumulative back injury happens gradually, either over a period of time or during the course of a repetitive activity. The most common causes of back pain at work include:

  • Regular lifting and bending
  • Frequent carrying of heavy objects
  • Prolonged physical activities
  • Bad posture

Your employer should have policies and procedures that protect you from cumulative back injuries; however, this unfortunately doesn’t always happen. If you don’t feel that you have been provided with regular breaks or training and there has been a lack of sufficient supervision, your employer’s negligence may be the cause of your back injury.

Are all back injuries cumulative?

Workers can also suffer from specific back injuries, caused by one-off incidents rather than continuous trauma. These are typically the result of lifting something too heavy, falling or being involved in an automobile accident.

Similar to the above, your employer should have health and safety measures in place that prevent you from suffering from specific back injuries. If they have not implemented the measures needed to protect you from such harm, this can leave you at a greater risk of sustaining a strain or sprain.

Can I claim for a work-related back injury?

If your employer has failed to live up to their legal duty to protect your health and safety, which has caused you to sustain a cumulative back injury, you can choose to pursue a claim against them.

Roberts Jackson can help you to achieve the compensation you need for any pain and suffering, financial setbacks and medical treatment you have suffered, while making sure that you have the financial support you need for the future.

Am I at fault for my cumulative back injury?

If your employer has provided you with adequate policies and procedures, which you have failed to follow, you may be responsible for your cumulative back injury.

However, if you are uncertain about where the blame lies, we recommend that you contact us for confirmation. Our knowledgeable solicitors have an up-to-date understanding of health and safety legislation, so will be able to help you determine exactly who is at fault.

How long will a cumulative back injury claim take?

At Roberts Jackson, we aim to secure the maximum compensation within an entirely reasonable amount of time for all our claimants. Our team will provide you with regular reports and information on any progress throughout the case, making sure that you are kept completely up-to-date while we work hard to achieve the back injury compensation you rightfully deserve.

If you have any further questions about your cumulative back injury or pursuing a compensation claim with Roberts Jackson, please feel free to contact us on 0800 001 4496. Alternatively, you can fill in the claims enquiry form on the right to start your claims process with us.