Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

Carpal tunnel syndrome has an impact on your wrists and hands, causing weakness, numbness and tingling which can be incredibly painful and debilitating. The pain and restriction of movement is caused by compression on the median nerve that travels through the wrist.

Workers most likely to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are those who operate vibrating tools or perform heavy lifting and repetitive hand movements. Because the condition can be linked to vibratory tools such as jackhammers, there is also a link with another condition known as hand arm vibration syndrome. If carpal tunnel is caused by vibration it is referred to as vibration induced carpal tunnel syndrome.

An employer is responsible for reducing your risk of developing the work-related condition and should they fail to take appropriate action, sufferers are often entitled to bring carpal tunnel claims against the liable organisation.

What has caused my carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are a number of constitutional factors which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome such as obesity, certain types of medication and even pregnancy. In order to make a claim for compensation due to your carpal tunnel it is important to think about what specific tasks in your job may have caused or made your carpal tunnel worse.

We tend to find that our clients with carpal tunnel have worked in jobs that require lots of repetitive wrist and hand movements. Target driven working environments such as production lines and manufacturing are known to cause repetitive strain injuries and more specifically carpal tunnel syndrome.

It also worth having a think about the type of movement you are performing and have a rough idea of how many times a day you are performing it. This type of information is very helpful for us when assessing your claim and its prospects.

Carpal Tunnel Compensation – Where do I start?

If you believe that your carpal tunnel syndrome has been caused or worsened because of your employment, it is vital that you seek specialist medical and legal advice as soon as possible.

Your GP will be able to diagnose your symptoms and offer access to relevant medical treatment, helping you to make a speedy recovery. This early diagnosis may also strengthen your claim as it can help prove that your injury has been caused by work.

Meanwhile, there are strict time limits in place for making carpal tunnel claims, so you should get in contact with Roberts Jackson solicitors without delay. We may also need you to undertake a medical assessment if necessary to ensure that you are fully compensated for any pain or suffering, lost earnings or additional costs endured.

Legal guidance from the carpal tunnel experts

Roberts Jackson are experts at bringing carpal tunnel syndrome compensation claims. Our team has over 20 years’ experience in this area and can provide you with an attentive, personable legal service.

In the initial consultation, we will gain a full understanding of your situation so that we can handle your claim in a manner suited to your requirements. We will then strive to create a strong carpal tunnel claim against the negligent employer, allowing you to achieve the maximum compensation in the minimum possible amount of time.

For further information on making carpal tunnel syndrome claims through Roberts Jackson, contact us to speak with one of our specialist solicitors.