Claiming for Occupational Asthma Compensation

Claiming for Occupational Asthma Compensation
Claiming for Occupational Asthma Compensation
Claiming for Occupational Asthma Compensation

You may be entitled to occupational asthma compensation if your breathing problem has developed as a result of your work or working environment.

Asthma is your body’s reaction to dust, fumes, gases and vapours in the air. Your lungs can become sensitive to such substances, which cause your airways to swell and muscles to tighten during an attack. Working in close proximity to Asthmagens, where health and safety precautions are inadequate, can put you at an even greater risk of developing the breathing condition.

Can I claim for occupational asthma compensation

If you believe that you have occupational asthma, think about the following questions:

  • Am I exposed to any air-borne substances during my working day?
  • Is my employer failing to put adequate safety precautions in place to reduce the risk of asthma?
  • Do my asthma symptoms worsen during working hours?
  • Does my asthma improve when I am away from work?
  • Does my breathing improve during an annual holiday, or a long period of time away from work?

Answering yes to any of the questions could mean that you have a claim for occupational asthma compensation. Roberts Jackson can provide valuable legal assistance as you pursue such a case, helping you to achieve a highly successful settlement where you are fully recompensed for any damage caused.

Starting the legal process

When looking to bring an occupational asthma compensation claim against a past or present employer, it is imperative that you contact Roberts Jackson solicitors within the three year deadline. With a clear understanding of health and safety regulations and with plenty of experience in this legal area, we can effectively manage your claim so you get a deserved payout in the best possible timeframe.

If you want to discuss the claims process with Robert Jackson in more detail, contact our specialist asthma solicitors on 0800 001 4496 for an initial consultation.