Asbestosis Claims FAQs

Asbestosis Claims FAQs
Asbestosis Claims FAQs
Asbestosis Claims FAQs

If you or someone close to you has been officially diagnosed with asbestosis or has difficulty breathing then our FAQs below can point you in the right direction.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors is committed to supporting people who are struggling with their health. Here in our asbestosis FAQs page, we have provided detailed information on asbestosis and what to do if you think you have the condition. We have also outlined the legal guidance we can provide to people suffering from asbestosis, accompanied by details on how we can help you claim for compensation.


Asbestosis is a chronic lung condition caused by a prolonged or heavy exposure to asbestos. The condition is caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles which used to be a common working material.


Asbestosis symptoms often appear many years after the initial exposure meaning that the warning signs can often go untreated or ignored. Read below for more information on the common symptoms of Asbestosis.

Shortness of breath
One of the major warning signs of asbestosis is suffering with a breathing difficulty, specifically a shortness of breath. When the individual is exposed to asbestos the fibres found in the material can cause the pleural wall to become scarred or inflamed. This can lead to pleural thickening or effusion meaning that the individual’s lung movement or expansion is constricted leading to the shortness of breath.

Tiredness and Fatigue
Due to the damage created by the exposure to asbestos your lungs can have problems with the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This can then lead to an all over feeling of tiredness and fatigue as your body is not absorbing enough oxygen to the blood.

Crackling when Breathing
The damage to the lungs can lead to a crackling sound being produced when the individual inhales or exhales. The sound is caused from the scarring of the lung wall, the substance produced causes minor blockages of the airway leading to the crackling sound.

Increase in Blood Pressure
When the lungs are damaged the lack of oxygen being absorbed can cause the heart to work a lot harder than usual. This then leads to an increase in blood pressure.

As both asbestosis and mesothelioma have very similar symptoms, and both stem from asbestos exposure, is it important to get an official diagnosis if you are suffering from any breathing problems.


Asbestosis is developed from exposure to asbestos at work or at home. Asbestosis in most cases is caused by previous inhalation of asbestos particles. This is most commonly found in working environments however it is not rare to find sufferers who have inhaled asbestos due to washing clothes or living in the proximity of Asbestos.

The way asbestosis develops can depend on certain circumstances such as how much asbestos the person was exposed to or how long the person was exposed for. Due to this we stress the importance of seeking medical advice so you can receive a proper diagnosis of your asbestosis exposure.


If you are suffering from asbestosis, the business or businesses that exposed you to the fibre can be held responsible for your breathing condition. At Roberts Jackson, we will work hard to identify and determine who exactly is responsible for your asbestosis. Even if the business is no longer trading, you can rely on us to find their insurance provider and retrieve the compensation you are owed.


We promise to do the hard work for you at Roberts Jackson. We expertly manage the compensation claim on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on your health and spend time with the people who matter to you most. Making full use of their expertise, our solicitors will work hard to build a strong case against the responsible party and negotiate a settlement for you. If court proceedings are needed, you can also trust us to handle the process and get the level of compensation you deserve.


We will make sure that you are fully compensated for any pain and suffering, and are financially supported for any lost income and medical treatment you have unfortunately had to deal with in the past, or may have to face in the future. We understand the severity of asbestosis and both the financial and health problems that it can cause; due to this we will always seek to acquire the absolute maximum amount of compensation possible for the client. Please use the following link to look at some of the typical compensation amounts regarding asbestos.


If you would like to find out more about our claims process and how we can help you to get the asbestosis compensation you need, contact us on 0800 001 4496 for a free initial consultation where we will explain the options available to you.

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