Asbestos Compensation Claims

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Asbestos Compensation Claims
Asbestos Compensation Claims

Roberts Jackson Solicitors are experts at running asbestos compensation claims and have years of experience getting the maximum amount of compensation for people suffering from asbestos related conditions.

Asbestos was/is used as an insulating material due to structural and fire resistant properties. There is evidence to suggest that the mineral has been known to cause significant harm to humans for many centuries. It wasn’t however until the mid-part of the 20th century that the notion that asbestos is dangerous seeped into the public consciousness.

The United Kingdom being part of the industrial world imported vast quantities of asbestos to take advantage of its fire resistant properties and affordability. The health of the people employed to transport and install asbestos was a secondary concern to those seeking to make money from it.

Types of Asbestos Compensation Claims

Inhalation of the asbestos fibres over a period of time is likely to cause a variety of debilitating illnesses and diseases although in theory it can only take one single fibre. Workers exposed to fibres can develop:-


is an incurable condition that has a long latency period from inhalation of the fibre to presentation of first symptoms. It is essentially scarring of the lung which inhibits the take up of oxygen leaving sufferers increasingly breathless and can be fatal. The condition is a dose related condition and a Claimant must prove that they have sustained heavy exposure.


is a tumour of the abdominal cavity lining (peritoneum) or in the lining of the lung (pleura). Time from exposure to first presentation of symptoms can reach 20 years however upon diagnosis sufferers usually only survive for up to 2 years. Mesothelioma is a painful and debilitating condition;

Lung Cancer:

can be caused by exposure to asbestos with symptoms usually presenting, on average, 10 years later. The condition is indistinguishable to that caused by smoking however smoking in addition to exposure greatly increases the chances of developing the disease;

Pleural Plaques:

does not usually cause any symptoms and is essentially a thickening of the lining of the lung in certain parts. People with the disease are no longer permitted to compensation in England following the case of Johnston v NEI International Combustion Ltd. Pleural plaques can heighten the risk of developing other conditions such as mesothelioma;

Diffuse Thickening:

of the pleura is a condition whereby both the inner and outer layers of the lung lining become thickened. This restricts the ability of the lungs to expand which causes breathlessness in the sufferer. The disease usually develops 15-20 years after exposure.

The law in this area is complex and hotly contested by the insurers of potential Defendant companies. Claims arise from former employees of the industrial and port sectors although there have been claims made by the spouses who have been exposed by washing work clothes for example.

Usually sufferers have worked for more than one employer and it is necessary to apportion exposure however in the case of mesothelioma the liability of the potential Defendants is joint and several. This mean that in a situation where only one former employer can be traced it is the responsibility of them to meet the whole claim and not just on an apportioned basis.

We can assist you or your family make an asbestos compensation claim if you believe you have been exposed to the substance or if you have been diagnosed with one or more for the asbestos related conditions listed above.

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