Industrial Disease Claims

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Industrial Disease Claims
Industrial Disease Claims

What is Industrial Disease?

Industrial disease was first identified in 1775 in young boys employed as chimney sweeps. We have come a long way since then and as more and more conditions are being identified so is the promise of successful Industrial Disease claims against the employers responsible.

Industrial disease usually refers to any illness or condition caused or made worse by work. There are various different forms to look for when deciding whether to make a claim or not but we typically look at the following conditions:

  • Hearing Loss
  • Vibration White Finger/Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (including tennis and golfers elbow)
  • Back Injuries
  • Occupational Asthma
  • Skin Conditions
  • Exposure to Hazardous Substances
  • Mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer)

Please note this list is non-exhaustive and we do cover a wide range of industrial disease claims. If you wish to see if your condition has been caused by work and if you have a claim please contact us today for friendly, free legal advice.

Industrial Disease Claims

If you are thinking about making a claim for industrial disease there are a few things to consider. Firstly have you spoken to your employer so that they make reasonable adjustments to prevent future harm to you and your colleagues. Secondly, have you visited your GP or had a diagnosis by a health professional. It is not always essential but a diagnosis can aid a compensation claim for industrial disease as this will be the first piece of evidence when bringing your claim.

Conditions such as back injuries or repetitive strain injuries can require additional actions before making a claim such as logging any incidents in your employer’s accident log book. Occupational asthma or skin conditions are very common so it may be worth thinking carefully what may have triggered a reaction, taking into account how your symptoms are when you have any time off work (weekends, holidays, sick leave).

Industrial disease claims which can be slightly more straight forward are Noise induced Hearing Loss cases. This is usually because limitation rules aren’t as strict meaning you have more time to bring the claim. A hearing test is required as this is used to physically prove that your hearing loss is present and related to your previous working history.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors specialise in industrial disease claims and steer clear of other areas of law. This means we are solely focused on your case without getting tied up with commercial and business law. With collective experience of over 25 years in industrial disease you can trust Roberts Jackson Solicitors to make things clear and comfortable for you right from the outset whilst also gaining the highest level of compensation possible for your claim.

How Do I Claim for Industrial Disease?

At Roberts Jackson Solicitors we understand that making a claim for industrial disease can be quite daunting, this is why we tailor our claims service to suit your needs. If you are certain you would like to proceed with an industrial disease claim we would advise you to first, get in touch with us for some free advice.

Our specially trained agents will discuss the finer details of your circumstances in the strictest confidence and advise you on the next steps to take in bringing your claim. If we do decide you have grounds for an industrial disease claim we will analyse the details and inform you within 24 hours whether we can run it or not.

At this stage you will only be asked for basic details such as employment history, D.O.B, full address and National Insurance number so that we can set up the basic details of your claim. Once the claim has been set up we will send someone out to you with the paper work so that you can discuss any concerns with them before signing up and proceeding with your claim.

After we take on your Industrial Disease Claim

Once the sign up process has taken place and you have discussed any concerns with your case handler we will need to take a witness statement. This is your full account of events including any machinery that you have been operating in the workplace. Depending on which condition you are claiming for, you may also be required to attend a medical examination or hearing test. We can make this easy for you by sending someone to your area for any health checks necessary.

Your involvement with your claim from this stage is entirely up to you. We aim to update all clients on a monthly basis however we can tailor this to your needs if you wish to have more contact with your case handler and discuss the progression of your case. Alternatively we can cut back on the amount of updates we provide if you wish to be left alone and concentrate on matters closer to home.

It is rare that industrial disease claims go to trial and you will have attend a court hearing. In the unlikely event that your case does, our solicitors will be on hand every step of the way.

Work Related Illness vs Work Related Hazards

Work related illnesses are not to be confused with isolated work related hazards. The usually fall under the industrial disease category where as a work related hazards relate to trips, injuries or fatalities caused by safety hazards. These are commonly found on construction sites, in factories or within the agriculture industry.

Roberts Jackson Solicitors also have the capability of running these cases with excellent results so if you have had an accident at work that has led to a debilitating injury we would advise you to get in touch and see if you have ground for a personal injury claim.

Clinical Negligence

We also have a strong reputation for running clinical negligence cases to a successful conclusion. Our specialist in house clinical negligence department have experience with the following types of clinical negligence:

  • Negligence in Accident and Emergency departments
  • Surgical errors and mistakes
  • Claims against GPs
  • Dental negligence
  • Brain injury claims
  • Birth and gynaecological claims
  • Delay in diagnosis and delayed referral patients
  • Care of the elderly while in hospital
  • Fatal claims

If you or anyone you know has suffered as result of clinical negligence we would advise you to get in touch with our expert team of solicitors.

If you would like more information on how we run clinical negligence cases please visit our clinical negligence page here.

High Risk Industries for Industrial Disease Claims

Sometimes it can be hard to establish whether work has caused or made a condition worse or not that’s why we have broken down some of the most common industries that are likely to cause each form of industrial disease:

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

  • Coal Mining
  • Steel/metal work
  • Printing
  • Construction
  • Joinery
  • Textiles (please note we do not take on cases involving exposure to sewing machines)

Occupational Asthma/Breathing Conditions

  • Hairdressing
  • Bakery
  • Welders

Occupational Dermatitis & Skin Conditions

  • Cleaning
  • Nursing
  • Bar Work
  • Catering
  • Printing
  • Woodwork

Vibration White Finger

  • Construction
  • Road Work
  • Metal work
  • Coal Mining
  • Any job that involves the use of vibratory tools

Repetitive Strain Injuries & Back Injuries

  • Assembly line work
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse work
  • Retail
  • Typist jobs

Asbestos Related Conditions

Industrial disease claims for asbestos related conditions can differ slightly from other forms of industrial disease. People most at risk of contracting a condition related to asbestos are those who have worked in the construction or trade type occupation. It is also possible for friends and family members of these workers to contract an asbestos related condition after coming in contact with personal belongings and clothes worn by the person exposed to asbestos dust.

We would always advise visiting your GP first to get a formal diagnosis and put your mind at ease. However, if you are worried about yourself or a family member who has been exposed to asbestos in the past, contact Roberts Jackson for free legal advice.

Our dedicated team of asbestos solicitors have years of experience with these types of cases. They will manage your claim at the highest level possible whilst getting you the best possible compensation.

The following conditions are forms of compensable asbestos related diseases:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural Thickening
  • Lung Cancer

Please note that pleural plaque’s is no longer compensable under English Law.

Why Choose Roberts Jackson Solicitors to Run Your Industrial Disease Claim?

Roberts Jackson Solicitors was first opened in February 2009. The firms vision was to become a specialist law firm that provides legal services for people made ill by their work. Since then the firm has grown successfully to become one of the largest industrial disease law firms in the UK.

We do not practice other areas of law meaning that your solicitor will be solely focused on your case.. By providing our staff with over 250 hours of training each year we can ensure that our service, knowledge and professionalism is of the highest standard. On top of this, the firm has received 8 awards since opening including “Legal Services Team of the Year (1-10 partners)” at the 2014 Claims Innovation Awards and the “Education and Training Initiative of the Year” at the British Legal Awards 2013.

Our focus is maintaining the highest client care possible whilst gaining successful outcomes for our clients. If you or anyone you know would like to claim for industrial disease or would like free advice get in touch today on 0800 001 4496. Alternatively fill your details into the box on the right hand side and we will get right back to you.