Industrial Deafness Solicitors

Industrial Deafness Solicitors
Industrial Deafness Solicitors
Industrial Deafness Solicitors

Roberts Jackson industrial deafness solicitors are renowned for the specialist legal support they provide to claimants when handling work-related deafness and hearing loss claims.

Our legal team strive to provide an attentive, personable service to make certain you are completely satisfied with our representation. We also work hard to secure the most successful outcome, so that you are fully compensated for any medical or financial setbacks suffered.

Claiming against negligent employers using Industrial Deafness Solicitors

An employer is responsible for protecting their workforce from potential harm. If you work in close proximity to loud machinery or tools, they must take action to reduce your risk of developing hearing loss or deafness. In accordance with current regulations governing noise exposure at work, your employer should:

  • Take action to reduce noise exposure
  • Provide protective equipment
  • Ensure legal limits of noise exposure aren’t exceeded
  • Monitor and maintain equipment/machinery
  • Provide health and safety information and training
  • Carry out health surveillance on employers at risk

If your employer has failed to adhere to their legal obligation, which has caused you to suffer from permanent or disabling hearing damage, our industrial deafness solicitors can help you achieve the maximum possible payout from the responsible organisation.

Past noise exposure: Can I claim for compensation using Industrial Deafness Solicitors?

Industrial deafness or hearing loss can occur over time, so you may only develop a hearing impairment years or even decades after your exposure to excessively loud noise levels.

In these circumstances, it is entirely possible to make a claim for compensation. Our industrial disease solicitors will gain a full understanding of your past working conditions and employment history to establish the exact cause, and ask you to attend a medical assessment to strengthen the link between your hearing impairment and previous workplace.

If the organisation is no longer in business, we will then track their insurance company so that you can still receive compensation for the financial and medical damage caused.