Your Hearing Loss Claim

Your Hearing Loss Claim
Your Hearing Loss Claim
Your Hearing Loss Claim
Employees who have to work within an excessively loud environment may suffer from industrial deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of their noise exposure. They maybe to entitled to make a hearing loss claim.

If you have hearing problems as a result of working in a noisy location, get in contact with Roberts Jackson as you maybe entitled to a Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim. Our solicitors have handled numerous noise induced hearing loss claims, so will manage your case in a professional, accomplished manner, securing a result you are completely satisfied with.

Temporary or permanent hearing loss?

Noise Induced Hearing Loss can be short-term and irreversible, both of which can cause unnecessary financial and medical hardship for the sufferer.

Temporary – your hearing is impaired for hours after exposure to loud noise, but returns to normal after a while. Sufferers should be wary and request that their employer carries out a risk assessment, as temporary issues can lead to permanent damage.

Permanent – our legal team manage Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims for workers who suffer from irreversible damage to their hearing as a result of their employer failing to introduce relevant safety measures and equipment to protect their workforce.

Roberts Jackson also offers legal guidance to those claiming compensation for tinnitus, which causes ringing, buzzing and whistling sounds in the ears, and acoustic trauma where isolated incidents of loud noises result in damage.

Hearing Loss Claim

When calculating your hearing loss claim, the extent of your damage, the medical treatment needed and the impact it has had on your overall wellbeing and finances will be taken into consideration. Of course, Roberts Jackson will work hard to secure you the very best payout so you are fully compensated for the suffering caused.

Our solicitors also undergo regular training so they have a complete, up-to-date knowledge of health and safety legislation, allowing them to successfully secure settlements and represent claimants during court proceedings.

For further information about pursuing industrial disease claims with Roberts Jackson, contact us on 0800 001 4496.