Occupational Dermatitis is the generic term used for a number of the diseases of the skin caused or made worse by contact with a variety of chemical, physical or biological agents known as irritants.

Symptoms can include itchy or dry, flaky skin along with soreness, redness and inflammation. These symptoms can be brought on by an existing allergy you may have to a substance or as mentioned coming into contact with irritants without the correct personal protective equipment. If you suffer with any of these symptoms please visit your GP for medical advice.

Compensation Amounts

  • Dermatitis to both hands with cracking and soreness – £9,500 – £13,000
  • Dermatitis to both hands which settles with treatment – £6,000 – £8,000
  • Less serious itching, irritation of and/or rashes to one or both hands – £1,250 – £2,800

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