Back Injuries

Back Injuries
Back Injuries
Back Injuries

Back injuries are common for any profession that requires manual handling training or lifting very heavy weights. If your employer has not provided manual handling training and you suffer with a Back Injury related to your work you may have grounds to make a claim.

There are usually three types of back injuries that are caused by occupation:

Posture – This type of claim is usually when an employee is performing a task that requires them to work in an unnatural position for long periods of time.
Isolated Incident – These are usually considered a one-off incident and can take place in any line of work. If a back injury has been caused by performing an individual task that you feel to be unreasonable (typically lifting heavy weights) or not in line with your role you may have a case.
Repetitive – These types of injuries occur when the nature of the task at hand is very repetitive causing great strain on a particular area of the back. As Repetitive Strain Injuries are caused by the recurrent nature of the job, the weights outlined in the manual handling guidelines will reduce significantly.

Compensation Amounts –

  • Severe back injuries including nerve Root Damage, Effected Mobility and Severe Pain – £27,700 – £115,000
  • Moderate Back Problems including – Worsening of previous Back Problems, Crush Fractures of the Vertebrae and Prolapsed Discs requiring surgery – £8,900 – £27,700
  • Minor Sprains, Disc Prolapses and Soft Tissue Injuries – £1,000 – £8,900

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