Vaginal Mesh or TVT (Transvaginal Tape) Compensation Claims

Vaginal Mesh or TVT (Transvaginal Tape) Compensation Claims
Vaginal Mesh or TVT (Transvaginal Tape) Compensation Claims
Vaginal Mesh or TVT (Transvaginal Tape) Compensation Claims

Recent reports in the press have brought to light the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of women have been unnecessarily harmed by a childbirth-related procedure which has left some wheelchair-bound and in agony.

Why is Vaginal Mesh or TVT used?

The condition is called pelvic organ prolapse (POP), often occurring post-childbirth but also a potential risk following a hysterectomy.  It occurs when the normal supporting structures of the vagina and pelvic floor deteriorate and organs such as the bladder or bowel move from their natural position into, or outside the vagina.

The treatment is a type of mesh known as Transvaginal Tape (TVT) that is permanently implanted to reinforce the weakened vaginal wall or support the urethra or bladder neck.  During the procedure, doctors surgically place the mesh through the vagina or the abdomen.  The mesh is now understood to have the potential to break apart in the body, cutting through the vaginal wall in some cases, causing the excruciating pain known as ‘cheese-wire’ affect.

What are the effects if Transvaginal Tape goes wrong?

Although the tape is said to be safe and effective for the majority of patients, those affected can end up incontinent, unable to walk or have sex, leading many to suffer psychological distress.
Many women were never warned about the risks relating to the procedure, or the fact that alternatives do exist such as traditional surgery using stitches or conservative treatment such as pelvic floor therapy.

The treatment is already blacklisted as a ‘high-risk’ product in Scotland and women in England are calling for a nationwide ban. From June 2013 onwards, surgeons should have explained the risks of the procedure to patients but it is clear that many women are still undergoing the treatment unaware of the dangers. It is believed to affect at least 15% of those treated, leading many women to call the treatment a ‘Russian Roulette’.

Have you suffered following a TVT procedure for POP? Do you feel you were never fully informed about the risks? Get in touch with us today to discuss your rights to compensation.

Do I have a valid TVT Claim?

Did you undergo this treatment after June 2015 without being provided with informed consent of the full risks?

Roberts Jackson has a team of experienced clinical negligence practitioners. When managing negligence claims we always put the needs of our client first. We also aim to keep the process simple and straightforward, and pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual to ensure that every case is handled in a sensitive and honest manner. The firm will only ever take on your claim if we believe that it is in your best interests.

During our consultation, we may ask you the following questions to determine whether or not you should claim:

  • You feel you didn’t receive enough information about the risks of the implant prior to surgery
  • You were unaware that the implant would be permanent
  • You were not offered a consultation prior to the procedure, or were not given enough time prior to the procedure to consider the pros and cons
  • You were disappointed with the standard of surgery you received
  • You sought health care on one or multiple occasions after your surgery, as a result of the implant, and were not dealt with appropriately
  • Your subsequent complaints were ignored by healthcare staff
  • You have had to have revision surgery to repair the damage caused by your mesh implant
  • You were not offered any other alternatives to vaginal mesh implants prior to surgery, such as pessaries, surgery without mesh or pelvic floor therapy

If you fall into any of these categories, we recommend that you contact a member of our medical negligence team as soon as possible on 0800 001 4496 for a free initial consultation as there is a strong chance that you are entitled to claim for compensation.


When enlisting the services of a specialist legal firm like Roberts Jackson Solicitors, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive the right level of service and compensation at the end of the process.

When calculating what amount of compensation to claim for, our solicitors will make sure that everything is covered, from medical treatment to lost earnings. We will also liaise with medical specialists so that any potential future financial and medical issues are taken into account.

Our team will then negotiate with the responsible party to achieve you the maximum level of compensation within the minimum amount of time, allowing you to gain access to the financial support you need as soon as possible.