Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

If you have sustained a repetitive strain injury due to your work or workplace, you are entitled to claim compensation for any medical or financial problems that have been caused. Roberts Jackson specialises in managing repetitive strain injury claims for employees whose health has suffered as a result of their work or working environment. Committed to securing justice and compensation for injured employees, we will work hard to handle your claim so that you are awarded with the financial support you deserve.

What has caused my Repetitive Strain Injury

The term repetitive strain injury (RSI) or work-related upper limb disorder (WRULD) covers a wide range of conditions including frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, which are often caused or worsened by work.

The two sectors where repetitive strain injuries are most common are:

Blue Collar(factory related) – Factory workers involved in manufacturing and production lines who perform repetitive tasks in a difficult posture or with force can sometimes develop aches and pains in their arms, wrists, shoulders fingers and/or thumbs..

White Collar(office related) – Office workers who carry out data inputting, typing, secretarial duties and other similar tasks can sustain aches and pains to the upper limbs.

Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injury symptoms can vary depending on the nature of the injury however there are still common problems such as –

  • Stiffness
  • Tingling or Numb Fingers
  • Weakness
  • Cramp

Symptoms often present themselves when a manual task is being performed such as typing. In many cases symptoms disappear when the task is completed however they can reappear later in the day and even weeks later. People who suffer from RSI often comment as pain in the arms or wrists as one of the main symptoms, this pain varies from a sharp pain to a numb dull feeling. It is important to notify your employer if you begin to suffer any of the above symptoms, giving them the chance to make changes in your working environment to alleviate pain and future problems.

How do I claim for Repetitive Strain Injury?

If you decide to make a RSI claim for compensation, Roberts Jackson solicitors can expertly handle the case on your behalf. With years of experience running repetitive strain injury claims and a rich understanding of health and safety regulations, our solicitors will be committed to successfully proving your employer is to blame. Meanwhile, we will also work hard to ensure that you are awarded the right amount of compensation for your injury and any inconvenience it has caused. From gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses to negotiating settlements with the liable party, our solicitors will look after every stage of the claims process so that you can continue to rest, recover and live life normally. Of course, we can also tailor our approach to your requirements and offer specialist legal representation when needed.

The compensation you receive will depend entirely on your personal circumstances. When calculating your payout, we take the following into consideration:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of income
  • Future medical treatment and care

Of course, we will make sure that you are awarded the maximum possible payout you deserve so that you are fully recompensed for the injury and have the right level of financial support for the future.

Contact us & Further Information

If you would like to find out more about our claims process and how we can help you to get the Repetitive strain injury compensation you deserve, contact us on 0808 115 3248 for a free initial consultation where we will explain the options available to you.

Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation Amounts

Recovery in First Few Weeks

£1,000 to £2,500

Severe Cases

Up to £16,500

*All figures are based on the maximum JC guidelines*

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